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If you’re anything like me, you find fabric irresistible. Just collecting it, sorting it and cutting out patches keeps me amused for hours, before I even begin to sew. I love patchwork so much and I get such a kick out of using every last scrap that I can hardly bear to throw anything away. I am inspired by the American and Australian quilts and I like to use the traditional designs, but I also enjoy making up my own designs to make the best use of every piece I have.

You can never have enough fabric, I think. So now I’ve really taken the plunge and gone straight to the wholesalers to stock up my sewing room with some simply gorgeous brand new fabrics. I have selected the most beautiful designs from Moda Fabrics and Makower Fabrics and I want to share some of them with you! My collection reflects my personal taste  - I hope you like it too! Please write a review if you've been pleased with your purchase and let me know if I could do even better. And if you like my shop, please 'share' or 'like' it on Facebook!

While you're here, have a good look round at the pictures of what I'm doing, read my new blog 'Free to Quilt' and see what I am following on Pinterest. I now have a Handiquilter Avanté 18 long arm machine which has been the best purchase ever! Whilst I do not offer a professional quilting service right now, I am open to enquiries about the machine itself and am happy to offer advice on quilting your project. Please feel free to email me - I would love to see what you are doing too. 

If you would like to buy anything, click on the DETAILS links to see full information and images on colour and pattern choices for each product and make sure you select the corresponding product option from the drop down list to add to your basket. To pay by Paypal, please take your basket through checkout.
If you would prefer to pay by cheque, please email me with your requirements and I will send you details of where to send it. Either way I will post out as soon as possible after receiving cleared payment - same day if possible and within 2 working days unless I contact you to notify a delay for any reason.
NB: THE POSTAGE CHARGES (WHICH INCLUDE A SURCHARGE TO COVER PAYPAL FEES) ARE SET TO ENSURE  MY COSTS ARE COVERED ON SMALL ORDERS. These may be inaccurate for some combinations of multiple purchases (particularly wadding). FOR LARGER OR COMBINED ORDERS (IN THE UK) I WILL REFUND THE BALANCE OF FEES CHARGED IN EXCESS OF £5. I will always refund any excess where the estimate exceeds actual costs by more than 50 pence. Please note that I will use recycled packaging materials whenever possible, both for environmental reasons and to keep costs to you to a minimum.

Happy Quilting!

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